pantomus (pantomus) wrote,

Notes on Pumpkin Ale & Bathtub reading etiquettes & Etc.

Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale tastes like balls. Metaphorical balls in a most homophobic sense seeing as some of you prolly enjoy balls. Anyhow, I'm told by some website that the overriding and putrid thing I was tasting in the spices of the beer were cloves. I don't much like spices and cloves to me gives off a taste of water sitting in a bottle in the sun for three months with broken bits of tree bark mixed in. I didn't like it but figured since I paid $9+ for it I should figuratively eat the loss. Plus waste is waste and I won't be a part in that unless it's necessary. I could always offer it up to the parents of trick-or-treaters for stamina. Or the mail lady for putting up with all of my packages over-filling the mailbox. We'll see.

+ + + + +

My ritual for bathtun reading includes a few easy steps: 1. keep the doors closed until the tub is filled and the water is off. 2. after I am settled in and acclimated myself to the water temperature I open the door and grab the book off the little trash can sitting beside the tub. 3. read with the book propped on my chest or belly. 4. drain the tub and sit until I am nearly dry on the topside. 5. when done think 'this is shit' and throw it haphazardly onto the fuzzy floor mat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I broke a glass last night. What's my bad omen?
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