pantomus (pantomus) wrote,

Time to go walking.

On principle I'll never subscribe to or look into something called "craigslist". I don't know what principle this is but I don't like the sound of it whatsoever. It's like "askjeeves", I refuse that site too, and I even know who Jeeves is. So I'd appreciate it if you kept craig and his list out of my life.

+ + + + +

I've heard a few ignoble statements of late: "Speak the language (English) or don't talk to me." and the others I've forgotten now. While I agree with the latter part I certainly don't agree with the former. What's worse than hearing some banal conversation about "my wonderful weekend" or "things I need to do around the home" or "I was at the bar with so-and-so hehehe"? I like the dollar and party (liquor) stores around here because the Arabs tend to speak whatever mush-mouthese they subscribe to and laugh and laugh to each other and look at you like you've missed out on something. From my calculations and experiences I've missed very few things that I really needed to hear and almost never did a stranger or casual acquaintance ever say anything remotely beneficial to my life and causes. Unless it's something intimate and endearing I prefer to have silence as much as is humanly possible. This can stretch for days and I won't complain. OKie, I'll likely complain, but about other things.
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